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I am available for talks and lectures on a variety of subjects that revolve around psychotherapy and Buddhism.


As a Director of Studies I have taught at the London Centre of Transpersonal Psychology, as a staff member at the Bath Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, and I have also taught at several Psychoanalytic Trainings including the Association of Individual Psychotherapists and the Association of Group and Individual Psychotherapy.


I have spoken at Confer on a variety of subjects including Being Present with Suffering, Mindfulness, Resilience and Harmony and Spiritual Narratives in Psychological Therapies 2 and 3. 


And I have given talks for various groups including the Bristol C.G. Jung Public Lectures, the Bristol Psychotherapy Association and yearly at the Bath Analytic Network. The last of these 'Emptiness' later became the the basis for a Confer conference and commissioned book.


On the mindfulness and Buddhism side I have taught extensively at the Forum for Contemplative Studies and, since its inception during 2006, on the Bath and Bristol Mindfulness Courses including the Buddhist Background To Mindfulness seminars that have evolved into a free open group during Covid that now calls itself  the Beginner's Mind Sangha. And finally I am a teacher on the Sharpham Barn Retreats in Devon.

The Perfection of Wisdom
Our Crazy Mind
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