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When Pooh Recognised Rigpa

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In Seven Acre Wood all the animals were feeling very excited. Christopher Robin had told them that a Tibetan Rinpoche was coming to visit and if they wanted he would point out the nature of their mind. Pooh was a little worried at first. “What if I find I don’t have a mind?”, said Pooh to Piglet as they walked towards the place in the wood where the initiation was to happen. “Oh” said Piglet (bravely), “I don’t think we need worry about that - do we?”. So as they walked Pooh made up a song to keep them both in good heart.

The more I look - tiddely-pom.

The less I see - tiddley-pom

I cann't find - tiddley-pom.

A separate me - tiddely-pom.

Very soon all the animals were gathered on the grass. In the front row, alongside Christopher Robin, sat Pooh, Piglet, Mother Kanga and baby Roo. Behind them came Rabbit, and a large collection of his relatives and friends, Tigger and the professorial Wol. And right at the back, tucked away and without a good view because he was facing the wrong way, was Eeyore, who was convinced that he would not have been invited had anyone managed not to invite him.

The Rinpoche sat on a very grand seat that Christopher Robin had constructed. It was made from a number of large empty jars for Honey, (that Pooh had obligingly finished earlier), for its legs; a piece of Wol’s tree house, (after it had blown down), for the platform; and some comfy cushions that Kanga had an abundance of. Rinpoche spent some time explaining things and telling a lot of silly jokes and slowly the animals all began to relax. He even had them chanting things like, “Who cares, so what”. Which was quite difficult for a bear of little brain to remember - “What comes after ‘Who cares’, wondered Pooh quite concerned? In fact he was so concerned he nudged Piglet and asked. “Oh dear”, said Piglet, “I’m not entirely sure myself”.

When the big moment came the Rinpoche suddenly shouted Phat! Very, very loud and sharp. All the animals looked expectantly into the space before them except Piglet who jumped in the air and let out a startled yelp. (“Oooh”, he cried.) Then the Rinpoche asked them what they had experienced.

Wol said that he was particularly interested is the similarity between the aliarvagina and wigpah.

Tigger said that he thought he had got it and then he wasn’t sure so he looked again and then he was sure he had got it but then after a bit he was not so sure…. but he did know that once he had actually got it, it would be fun.

Rabbit said he had been too busy making sure all the arrangements were going well to be able to concentrate.

Christopher Robin, Kanga and Roo simply sat quietly smiling.

Eeyore said that he would have got it if anyone had told him what it was before but they hadn’t.

Piglet said brightly and a little too quickly, (wanting to help the Rinpoche), “I got it, I got it!”

And Pooh said, “I looked but there was nothing there.”

And the Rinpoche said, smiling, “Exactly.”

Which all goes to prove that being a bear of little brain is a great karmic blessing.

NW. With apologies to A. A. Milne

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